The Methodist Protestant Church, instituted in 1828 and organized under its present title in 1830, traces its origin through the Methodist Episcopal Church, to the Evangelical Reformation begun in England by John and Charles Wesley. The church was organized by men and women who desired a Church Government that provided equal and fair representation for both ministers and the laity.

In 1939, a majority of the Methodist Protestant churches were swept into the Methodist Church, which is now the United Methodist Church. The majority of the Mississippi Conference held fast to “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints”, and preserved the Methodist Protestant Church in its original form of doctrine and government.

The Methodist Protestant Church today has work in Alabama, Arkansas, Belize, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi.

Forest Grove Methodist Protestant Church was organized in the year 1906 in the vicinity of an old school house located on what is now Renfroe Road.

Forest Grove has served this community for over a hundred years as a lighthouse pointing to Jesus Christ as the light of the world. In 2006 a new, lighted steeple replaced the old steeple. The light in the steeple at night is a reminder to us that our mission and purpose is to light the way to Jesus Christ as Savior for this dark, sinful world.

Forest Grove is a family of Christians who love each other and who welcome you to worship and fellowship with us. Our mission is to encourage and build up each other in the Gospel of Christ.